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Are you interested in art, music, writing, crafts, photography and making stuff? If the answer is YES then 'ArtyFacts' is the newsletter for you.

I'm constantly amazed at people’s ingenuity and creative talents. In this publication you’ll find hand-picked articles and features on all forms of making, by creatives from all over the world and just around the corner.

Instead of the white noise of social media channels and news websites, 'ArtyFacts' is presented in a simple, clean newsletter format that is perfect for a quick dip or a deep dive into what you and your fellow makers are creating.

The emphasis is on clarity, simplicity and facts.

No need for you to rummage through a ton of irrelevant online garbage. ArtyFacts is neither a social media page nor a website. ArtyFacts is a thoughtfully researched, simply produced, good old fashioned newsletter, keeping you up-to-date with creator news and feature articles, delivered straight to your inbox.

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