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What is ArtyFacts?
Artyfacts is a simple newsletter with news and features about art, crafts, photography, writing, crafts, and design. Each edition is a collection of articles, plus a resources section to inspire and help you with your creations.

I would be very interested in your opinion about ArtyFacts, and if you have any suggestions to improve it. Please let me know as I'm happy to tweak and polish, it to make it the best and most useful arts newsletter possible. You can send me your thoughts here: mailto:dave@artyfactsnews.com

Email Delivery
You can subscribe to receive the newsletter via email. Here’s the link to subscribe: https://artyfactsnews.com/subscribe/. Oh, and please, please, please pass on the link to your friends, family, and fellow artists.

Send in your story
There's also an online article questionnaire for you to send me your story. Please feel free to complete the form and send it to me if you would like your work to appear. Here's the link: https://artyfactsnews.com/questionnaire/

The ArtyFacts App
If you’d like to have ArtyFacts (and all the above links) at your fingertips, guess what? There’s a web-app for that! All you need is this link: https://davefoster.co.uk/app



ArtyFacts Newsletter: https://artyfactsnews.com/subscribe/
Send Your Story: https://artyfactsnews.com/questionnaire/
Web App: https://davefoster.co.uk/app
My Email: mailto:dave@artyfactsnews.com

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